Moving stones – early May 2018

Putting limestone on the paths to stupas.

Carrying stones to the stupas for fill in front of the new wall.

With Fran, Christine, Simone, Bruce and Annie.

And thanks Reinier for the loan of your trailer.

Pouring Concrete – 19 March 2018

Many thanks to Sean who kindly donated a pump and installed it, so now we have running water at the stupas.

Many thanks to the Grafiela and Alex at Puhoi Honey who donated a large amount of honey before xmas.  We sold the honey and bought a new concrete mixer with the proceeds.

Thanks to these generous donations, Simone, Bruce and Annie were able to pour concrete into the wall.

Moving stones – 17th March

Many thanks to Rodney who donated a large pile of stones.   We moved most of these stones and a large pile of builders mix over to the stupas.  Unfortunately our tractor tray broke so we hired a cute little dumpster at the last minute.  Many thanks to all helpers; Dr Lodoe, Sonam, Tenzin, Yesshe, Christine, Ellen, Lay, Melissa, Bruce and Annie.

Learning how to be block-layers – Jan -Feb 2018

We moved an enormous number of concrete blocks for the new walls.  Also now learning to lay blocks for new walls around stupas 7 and 8…..with Sean, Madu, Simone, Bruce, Naomi and Annie.

Latest Plan – 20 November 2017

Who ever is connected to Stupas will be liberated. That is what the Buddha says – these are his words. We can Rejoice at all the people connecting to this. That is the purpose of the Stupa – to purify negativities and increase Wisdom.

Ven. Lama Samten

Below is latest plan showing underground steel rods holding 4 retaining walls together around Stupas 5-8.  New walls around all 8 stupas and meditation room.

Stupa Cleaning : 7 October 2017

A very enjoyable working bee cleaning the Stupas.

Stupas are looking great as a result. Come and visit them. Many thanks to all the helpers;

Leon Shi
Theresa Zhang
Vicki Wang
Pearl Li
Lay Soh
Karen McKeen
Madu Madureira
Chris Xu
Stanley Shi
Belinda Vandenberg
Rob Holland
Simone Gaicon
Naomi Lees

Guru Rinpoche Day – 30 September 2017

Many thanks to all the volunteers at Karma Choeling today. Simone working on next stage of stupa wall project.

Trisha did a wonderful job cleaning the shrine. And Naomi made butter lamps.

Drone video of working bee – 17 June 2017

Another very enjoyable and productive working bee.  We laid steel rods in the 6 trenches between and around Stupas 7 and 8, from one wall to the other.   Then using giant spanners, nuts were screwed onto the rods from outside the walls and the two walls were pulled upright.  They’re now bracing each other.

Many thanks to all those who generously donated their time and skills: Terry Donnelly, Glen Sothern, Saul Barnes, Jack Rose, Belinda Vandenberg, Jeff Smith, Christine Benge, Reinier Lindemann, Naomi Lees and Bruce Williamson.

Thanks to Jeff Smith for drone video below.